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Cougar Sighting

Date of Event:

The Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources (IDNR) was contacted about a potential cougar sighting in Streamwood. While the IDNR cannot confirm the sighting, they note that these natural predators are becoming more prevalent in our area.  They offer the following tips to stay safe from large, predatory wildlife, such as cougars and coyotes:
  1. Don’t Run. Keep eye contact with the animals at all times.
  2. Make Some Noise. Throw your arms up, yell, shout
  3. Don’t Feed It. They can find food on their own.
  4. Herd Small Children and Pets. If you are walking with a small child or pet, do not pick them up. Have your child walk and come close, or have your animal heel next to you. If you pick up your dog, a cougar or a coyote will assume that you are trying to protect your food, and may challenge you.
These predatory animals do not want to engage humans. Stand your ground, and be sure to contact the police or IDNR if you encounter these animals.