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Department of Agriculture to Spray for Gypsy Moths

June 20, 2014

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has notified the Village that they will be spraying, weather permitting, an aerial application to eliminate European Gypsy Moth.

This invasive species from Europe is one of the most damaging forest and tree pests in the United States. Treatment is part of a statewide program to prevent the species from establishing itself outside the northeast corner of Illinois. The European Gypsy Moth can strip the leaves of multiple species of trees with its huge numbers of caterpillars associated with an infestation, causing trees to die in 1-3 years. The caterpillars also create a substantial nuisance, making residential yards nearly unusable from mid-June to early July.

During the aerial application, a yellow fixed-wing aircraft will apply 6 grams (about 1/8 cup) per acre of the biological product Disrupt II. Application could occur any day of the week. This product does not pose a risk to humans, animals, non-target organisms or the environment. When an area is saturated with Disrupt II, males are not able to find females, preventing mating.

Gypsy Moth Specialists with the Illinois Department of Agriculture will be in the field on the spray team during the program. If you have any questions, contact the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s DeKalb office at (815) 787-5476.