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Code Enforcement

The Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Program helps to ensure that all of Streamwood looks its best.  The program is designed to help homeowners identify and correct violations which detract from the appearance of their home, their neighborhood and the community as a whole.  A clean, well-kept community increases property values and enhances civic and community pride.

Your home is probably one of your largest investments.  The Village performs property maintenance inspections to ensure that your investment is protected.  Code Enforcement Officers check for compliance with all exterior property maintenance codes in residential and commercial districts.

What Are Typical Violations?
How Does The Program Work?
Do I Have To Use A Contractor?
What Happens If The Violations Are Not Corrected?

What Are Typical Violations?

The Code Enforcement Program looks to ensure that all exterior property maintenance violations are addressed.  If you take a close look at your house, you can probable spot most of the items the Code Enforcement Officers do.  You can take care off these items before they develop into serious problems.  The most common violations, and things to look for, include:

  • grass cannot exceed 6 inches
  • all exteriors, including windows, doors and trim, must be kept in good repair
  • sheds and fences must be in good repair
  • garbage service is required; must be out on the curb at certain hours
  • all cars must be operable and have valid plates
  • all vehicles, including RVs, trailers and boats, cannot be parked on grass or dirt

How Does The Program Work?

The purpose of this program is to obtain compliance with the Property Maintenance Codes.  Code Enforcement Officers respond to complaints made to the Community Development Department and by systematic Village-wide inspections.  The officers attempt to cover each residential subdivision and commercial/industrial center each week.  The officers drive throughout the community looking for violations to the Village‚Äôs Property Maintenance Codes.

If violations are found, they attempt to contact the property owner in person to explain how the program works, the violation to the Code and obtain a mutually agreeable solution.  If no one is available, the officer will leave a written notice explaining the violation and asking the resident to contact the Community Development Department to work out a solution. Property owners are given a specific time frame in which to correct all violations.

Back To TopDo I Have To Use A Contractor?

Homeowners can perform nearly any home improvement project without obtaining a licensed contractor.  But, permits are required.  Certain projects must be performed by licensed and certified professionals, including new electrical services or connecting to the Village's sewer or water system.  Lists of licensed contractors are available from the Department.

What Happens If The Violations Are Not Corrected?

Most home and business owners comply within the timeframe given to correct the violations.  This is greatly appreciated.  However, failure to comply with the requirements of the Property Maintenance Code can result in the issuance of court citations and fines.  Property owners who do not comply with the Village Code can earn fines up to $750.00.

For more information, call the Community Development Department at (630) 736-3843.

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