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Rental Housing

The Village of Streamwood operates a licensing and inspection program for all rental residential property within the Village. In summary, this program requires all rental residential properties in the Village, including single-family buildings and individual condominium rental units, to be licensed following submission of an application and an interior and exterior inspection of the property.


Each license for a single-family building or individual condominium rental unit will be $150.00 per building per year.  This includes the required inspection.

Following submission of a completed application and the commensurate fee, an inspection will be scheduled.  Following the completion of a satisfactory inspection, or of any corrective actions required as a result of an inspection, a one-year license will be issued.  Should the inspections reveal no violations or corrective actions, interior inspections will be waived for the following year.  A permit renewal and fee payment is still required on an annual basis.  All licenses expire on December 31. 


A summary of the Rental Housing Licensing program is available here.  For your convenience, the following applications and forms are available from the Forms and Applications page in the Reference Desk section of our website, including:

  • Rental License Application - This is for single-family homes, duplexes, condominiums and townhouses. This form should be completed and returned to the Village with the appropriate fee.
  • Rental License Inspection Consent Form - This form grants the Village access to the unit by the respective tenant and is required prior to an inspection being conducted. The tenant may grant access in their presence or may give the landlord right to provide access. Please complete the appropriate portion and return to the Village prior to scheduling an inspection.

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