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Services Planning and Human Resources


The Planning and Human Resources Department is responsible for planning, economic development, community and human resources for the Village. 

The Department ensures that all proposed developments are consistent with the overall development goals of the Village.  Emphasis is placed on planning and economic development strategies.  Department staff reviews all proposed developments for compliance with the Village‚Äôs Comprehensive Plan and Subdivision Ordinances and provides principal staffing to the Plan Commission.  The Department coordinates review of projects with other Departments and relevant government agencies, and promotes the Village to attract new, and retain current, commercial and industrial developments.

The Department also maintains a current and complete personnel system, coordinating all personnel related activity within the Village.  The Department assists Village departments and employees with all types of employment and benefit related concerns and the public with the application and hiring process.  Major areas of responsibility include recruitment; testing; hiring; coordinating and assisting the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners; ensuring compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations affecting personnel related matters; and health insurance plan review.  The Department also administers the random drug testing program and Employee Assistance Plan, and ensures that all collective bargaining agreements are properly and fairly administered.

Most Village positions are filled through a competitive testing process.  Police Officer and Firefighter/Paramedic positions are filled through a Board of Fire and Police Commissioners testing process.  Most other positions are filled through a Civil Service Commission testing process.  The Commissions test, interview and create eligible lists for each position.  Vacant positions are filled from these eligible lists for two year time periods.

Employment Applications are available at the Cashier's Counter in the Village Hall and can also be printed from the Forms and Applications page in the Reference Desk section of our website.Back To Top