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Working with Our Schools

Our children are our future.  A strong partnership with the community can only start with our schools.  The Streamwood Police Department is proud of its positive, collaborative relationship with our local schools.  Police officers work with students, teachers, and administrators offering programming and support to accomplish our shared mission – a safe learning environment for all students.Dare Graduates

The department has officers in all schools at all educational levels.  We encourage you to contact the officer working with your school by email or phone if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to learn more about our programming in our schools.  To learn more about the programs in our schools, select from the following:

Our Elementary Schools

The department offers a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program to students in 5th grade.  This nationally acclaimed program teaches life skills to help students make good choices.  The department also offers educational programming and support for all elementary grade levels.  Officers work with students on identifying dangerous behaviors, preventing bullying, how to talk to adults about problems, and how to contact the police.

 Our DARE Officers are Matt Stastny and Steve Millar.  While both officers share outreach programming at Hilltop School, each has specific responsibility at:

  • Officer Stastny – St. John the Evangelist, Parkwood, Heritage, and Ridge Circle Schools.  He can be reached at (630) 736-3781. 
  • Officer Millar – Sunnydale, Oakhill, Glenbrook, and Hanover Countryside Schools.  He can be reached at (630) 736-3712.

Our Middle Schools

Our community-oriented focus has officers assigned full-time to our two middle schools.  These School Resource Officers provide a wide-range of services including assisting with behavioral and disciplinary issues and acting as role models and alternative guidance counselors.  They also conduct programs on the pitfalls of sexting, and social networking (Facebook, MySpace, etc.).

Streamwood High School

We have one officer dedicated to working with students and staff at Streamwood High School.  Our High School Resource Officer also provides support to the school administration for behavioral and disciplinary issues.  They also offer educational programs and assistance with Prom Crash Drill, driver’s education, the pitfalls of sexting and social networking, and provide support to afterschool programs and activities.

  • Officer Steve Kisch is assigned to Streamwood High School.  He can be reached at (630) 213-5500 ext. 5519.

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