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Farmhouse as Police Station 1962
Police Station in Farmhouse (1962)
Police Building 1991
Renovated Police Station (1991)

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The Village of Streamwood was officially incorporated on February 9.  Once the Village had formally elected its governing body, it set about creating departments to serve the public interest, and deliver services to the new community.  The precursor to the Streamwood Police Department, the Department of Public Safety, was created on June 20, 1957.

The Director of Public Safety was the sole employee of the Department.  Originally, Village offices, including the Police Department, were located within the builder's model homes. Subsequent Police Departments moved in concert with Village Hall. Offices were located in any convenient single-family home or unused building. Village records were often kept at the personal residences of Village officials.  At one point, the Village offices were located in a farmhouse on Oltendorf Road (right). 

In the mid-1960s, land was donated to the Village for the construction of a permanent home for Village offices. The first Village Hall/Police Department was built at 401 East Irving Road in 1967.  The building housed most every Village Department, with a large metal shed in the back that served as the Public Works Department.
Police Department in Village Hall 1967
                                 Village Hall with Police Department (1967)

The Department continued to grow along with the community. When a new Village Hall was built in 1990, at 301 East Irving Park Road, the old Village Hall was expanded to 14,600 square feet to separately house the Police Department. The building provided ample room for many years.

However, the growing force soon outgrew this space. In 2007, during the Village's 50th Anniversary, a brand new building was built for the Department. This 44,000 square foot building was constructed to house the Department for many years to come. The state-of-the-art facility includes a gun range, armory, cells, exercise rooms, offices and community meeting rooms.

Current Police Building
New Police Department Building (2007)