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Maintaining Our Infrastructure

Street CrewThe Village of Streamwood is dedicated to maintaining its infrastructure. The Village follows a proactive approach, dedicating over $2 million annually on improvements to our streets, facilities and utility systems.

If you have any concerns regarding street or right-of-way maintenance, such as pot holes, street flooding, street signage or streetlight outages, please report the problem to the Public Works Department at (630) 736-3850, or complete an Action Request on-line.


Cook County will have Bartlett Road under construction starting Monday, April 16 through the end of October. Traffic will be one-way in each direction and at times will be limited to one lane with flaggers controlling traffic for both directions.  The section between Lake Street and Schaumburg Road will be worked on first and is scheduled to be completed by early July and work on the section between Schaumburg Road to Rt. 72 will follow.

The Village has a complete schedule for reconstructing and resurfacing streets to keep our road network safe and efficient.

Street that are to be reconstructed during the 2013 program year:

  • Edgewood Drive

Listed below are the streets to be resurfaced in 2013:

  • Parkwood Drive
  • Woodview Drive
  • Azalea Circle
  • Clematis Drive
  • Whitewood Drive
  • Juniper Circle
  • Abbeywood Circle
  • Apple Hill Lane
  • Borris Circle
  • Dana Lane
  • Post Lane
  • Gayle Court
  • Jill Lane
  • McKool Avenue
  • Woodbury Court
  • Greystone Court



  • Dogwood Drive
  • Birchwood Court
  • Ironwood Court
  • Warwick Court
  • Fernwood Court
  • Sieverwood Court
  • Walnut Dr. from Center to Timber Trail
  • Tanglewood from Walnut to Center



Back To TopSanitary Sewer Backups

If you experience any type of sewer backup in your home, please call the Department at (630) 736-3850, before calling a plumber. The Village can televise your sewer line at no cost, if you have an outside sewer cleanout, to check the condition of your line. Please call the Department for more information.

If it becomes necessary to replace your sewer service, a permit is required. Permits are issued by the Community Development Department or a Building Permit application is available online.

Sanitary Sewer Care

Never pour oil or grease down a drain. Oil and grease harden in the system. This results in blockages, which can cause sewer backups. It also creates problems for the proper maintenance of the sewer system overall.

Back To TopScheduled Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing is conducted annually and is posted as scheduled in the neighborhoods.  Hydrant flushing ensure adequate water pressure for fire emergencies, as well as to ensure water quality and clarity are retained throughout our system.  Flushing allows any sediments to be removed from the mains.  During periods of hydrant flushing, Village water customers are cautioned that:

  • A temporary drop in water pressure and discolored water may be experienced.  
  • Clothes should not be laundered when crews are hydrant flushing to prevent the likelihood of stains.  
  • Taps should be run to clear up any discoloration that may still exist.  Discoloration, is harmless, but may persist for a few days after flushing.  

Public Work crews will post hydrant flushing signs in the service area where they are working to notify residents that flushing will occur that day.  This annual hydrant flushing program is a standard water utility practice that ensures safe, clean and clear water throughout the year.  Those with questions about the hydrant flushing service should contact the Public Works Department at (630) 736-3850.

Snow Removal Procedures

The Public Works Department is proud of its record for our quick and complete approach to snow removal. We appreciate the public's cooperation to ensure we can keep the streets clean and keep the traffic moving. Please remember that parking is prohibited on Village streets after two inches (2") of snowfall.

Primary streets (Woodland Heights Blvd., Park Blvd., Streamwood Blvd., etc.) are plowed first, followed by secondary streets. Cul-de-sacs are plowed last. Village plows are prohibited from plowing private streets, driveways or towing private vehicles. Additionally, the Village is not responsible for snow removal on Schaumburg Road, Bartlett Road, Irving Park Road, Lake Street or Route 59. These roads are the responsibility of either the Cook County Highway Department or Illinois Department of Transpiration.

We recommend that you wait to shovel the end of your driveway until after the last pass of the snow plow. Do not shovel snow into the street after the street has been plowed. It can create sporadic ice sheets and other serious safety problems. This is a violation of Village ordinances and may result in the issuance of tickets.

If you have any complaints, including damages to mailboxes or parkways during snow removal, please contact Public Works at (630) 736-3850.

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