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Services Village Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Bids

The Village of Streamwood publishes Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and/or bid specifications for a variety of projects, programs and products.  Bids and RFPs are published in local newspapers in compliance with local, state and federal laws.  A summary of current bid specifications or RFPs announcements is below.  Specifications are available by contacting the department specified in the announcement.  You may also contact the department by phone, mail or email to request to be included on a list of vendors surveyed for specific projects.

The Village is an equal opportunity employer. All bidders must comply with applicable Illinois law requiring the payment of prevailing wages by all contractors working on public works projects. Participation by minority or women-owned businesses is strongly encouraged. 

Summary of Current RFPs and Bids

Project Title Documents Available Pre-Bid Conference Due Date Additional Information
Bids for tree supply for use in replacing Ash trees. Scope includes supplying approximately 550 2" caliper trees of various species delivered to Public Works, 565 S. Bartlett Road, Streamwood March 21, 2014 n/a April 8, 2014
no later than 11:00 am
at Public Works
(565 S. Bartlett Road)
Trees must be locally grown and comply with requirements set forth by the specifications. For specifications, please call Public Works at (630) 736-3850.
Bids for Roadway Maintenance Program. Scope includes 102,794 SY HMA SURF REMOVAL, 50,000 LB of Crack Routing and Filling and 4,173 TONS of Hot Mix Asphalt. March 24, 2014
(IDOT prequalification is a prerequisite for issuance of any proposal forms)
n/a April 8, 2014
no later than 11:00 am
at Public Works
(565 S. Bartlett Road)
Bidders must comply with applicable Illinois law requiring payment of prevailing wages on public works and Illinois Statutory requirements regarding labor, including Equal Employment Opportunities Laws.

For more information, please contact Village Clerk Kittie Kopitke at (630) 736-3806.

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