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A Natural Choice for Business Resources

Arial view of Streamwood

Available land, accessibility and superior community services are essential to the success and growth of any business.  Location, land and convenience.  The Village of Streamwood has the resources you need to guarantee success!

An Environment for Business

Streamwood offers an attractive environment for development.  Land is available for development at competitive prices.  Much of it is located along highly visible emerging traffic corridors.  Its proximity to O’Hare Airport, Interstate 90 and the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway, make it ideal for commercial, office or industrial development.

Pro-Business Administration

Developers have found in Streamwood a strong pro-business administration, ready and willing to help businesses locate or expand within the community.  Village staff works with developers guiding them through a highly professional and efficient development approvals process.  The Village is willing to offer creative incentive packages to aid commercial and industrial businesses.

Village Services

The Village of Streamwood is a full service community.  A highly trained Police Department maintains one of the lowest crime rates in the region while a skilled Fire Department offers an impressive ISO rating of 2.  These translate into significant cost savings to businesses through reduced insurance rates.  Lake Michigan water and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District waste water treatment are available to all commercial, industrial and residential properties within the Village.

Community Development

Pro-business.  Pro-development.  Streamwood casts itself in the non-traditional role of facilitator rather than simply a regulator. Developers continually commend the Village for its streamlined approvals process. The Community Development Department manages all planning, zoning, building and property maintenance functions for the community. 

Economic Development

Assisting business does not end with the development process.  The Village is an active member of regional Chambers of Commerce.  Moreover, the Village conducts an ongoing business retention program and strives to be a partner with local businesses.  Working as partners, the Village seeks ways to keep businesses competitive.  Business improvement grants, tax incentives, revised tax classifications or utilization of alternate revenue strategies are just a few ways in which businesses can profit and reinvest.  The Village has worked with nearly 40 local companies in obtaining Cook County 6B Tax Class Status. This translates into nearly $60 million worth of development for the Village, and significant cost savings for business.