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Streamwood is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the northwest region.Streamwood is approximately eight square miles. Through thoughtful planning, the Village boasts a balanced mix of housing, commercial centers and industrial businesses. Home to nearly 40,000 residents, the community supports over 600 businesses from small entrepreneurial firms to large, international corporations. Although Streamwood is a maturing community, it still has plenty of potential for growth.

Balancing the needs of business and our community has been important to the Village's economic health. As the Village looks toward its future, its economic development strategy is rooted in this balanced formula for success. We welcome commercial development that complements our existing business community and provides services to our residents, we seek quality housing to ensure adequate rooftops to support our businesses, and we encourage the development of industrial and office users that can employ our residents.

As the Village looks toward its future, it continually assesses the land use needs and development potential of the community to ensure continued healthy growth.  While a significant amount of land is open for development and annexation into the community, the Village looks to ensure that such growth is properly balanced.  As such, we seek to attract commercial users who complement our existing business community, to provide the rooftops necessary to support those businesses and to provide the opportunity for industrial and office developments to employ our residents.

Key Areas for Future Development

The Village's Comprehensive Plan is our vision for our future.  It outlines all of the areas proposed for development along with their recommended land use classifications.  A full copy of the Comprehensive Plan is available for review in the Services area of our website.

For easy reference, we have assembled a quick synopsis of the key areas for development within the Village’s Planning Area (existing land in the Village as well as proposed annexable land contiguous to the Village and within 1½ miles of the corporate limits).  Potential developments and annexation areas, for residential, commercial and industrial uses, totals roughly 250 acres.  (Please note that all acreage listed are approximate based on information at hand).

For more complete information on development opportunities, please contact our Community Development Department by email or at (630) 736-3843.

Route 59 and Irving Park Road
SE Corner 1 acre Currently unincorporated; zoned residentially
Lake Street Corridor
Park and Lake 5 acres Targeted on Comprehensive Plan for Commercial / Industrial Uses
South of Lake 10 acres Currently Zoned I-2; Targeted on Comprehensive Plan for Industrial Uses.
Irving Park Road Corridor
Various small infill lots   Currently Zoned C-2; Targeted on Comprehensive Plan for Commercial.
NW Corner Irving/Bartlett 5 acres Currently Zoned C-1 PUD; Targeted on Comprehensive Plan for Commercial.
West of Route 59 (south of Irving) 80 acres Targeted on Comprehensive Plan for Estate Residential (partially developed residential within Cook County).
Far west Irving (past Schaumburg Road) 50 acres Targeted on Comprehensive Plan for Estate Residential (partially developed residential includes Rolling Knolls Country Club).
Schaumburg and Bartlett Roads Corridor
NE Corner Schaumburg/Bartlett 23 acres Currently Zoned C-1; Targeted on Comprehensive Plan for Mixed-Use Development.
Infill properties   Available for both commercial and residential development.