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Interior of HydroReady to start a business in Streamwood?  Your first stop is the Community Development Department.  We will ask you to complete the Zoning Compliance/Business Occupancy form.  Fill in the location of the business, type of work to be conducted and the business name.  We will also need a copy of your lease or proof of ownership.  Generally, we can set-up the required inspections while you wait.  Once your place of business passes all inspections, you are ready to obtain your business license from the Village Clerk's Office.  The process is the same whether it is a home-based or conventional business.  Some uses require more inspections, such as businesses that serve food or if major renovations to the space are required.  Some uses also require special approvals, such as businesses that want to sell alcohol.   Following is a step-by-step procedure to get you on your way!
  1. Complete the Zoning Compliance/Business Occupancy form.  Zoning approval is required before inspections can be scheduled.  Once zoning is approved, inspections are scheduled by the Community Development Department - no need to call any other agencies!  A $100 fee, for conventional occupations, and $50 fee, for home occupations, must also be paid at this time.
  2. Inspections are conducted to make sure your place of business is safe for you and your customers.  Please note that the owner and/or applicant must be present at the time of the inspections.   
  3. If the building meets our zoning and safety codes, and no more work is required, you will be given approval for occupancy.  Take the approvals to the Clerk's Office and obtain your business license.
  4. If construction work is needed on the space, a Building Permit will be required.  You can submit the building permit prior to or after the initial business inspection.  Please note all contractors must be licensed to do business in the Village.  Permits will not be issued until such time as plans are approved and all contractors are licensed.
  5. Once all construction is completed and approved, you will be given approval for occupancy.  Take the approvals to the Clerk's Office and obtain your business license.
  6. Complete an Application for Business License from the Village Clerk's Office.
  7. Once all construction has been completed and passed inspection, approval is issued allowing you to obtain a business license. 
  8. Business licenses are issued by the Village Clerk's Office.