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The Village of Streamwood is one of the fastest growing communities within the Chicago metropolitan area.  Located within the high growth northwest suburban corridor, Streamwood is ideally located just minutes from O’Hare Airport.

Village Sign

Streamwood's population has grown to nearly 40,000 in its short 50 year history.  And, it is geared for additional growth.  The population of Streamwood is attractive to both commercial and residential development.  Ninety-three percent (93%) of the residents live in a traditional two-parent household with children.  The median age is 30 years.  The median household income is nearly $75,000.  Yet, the average home price is only $191,000.  Affordable homes, coupled with two-income families, adds up to a high level of discretionary income.

Two Story House

Although Streamwood is predominantly a residential community, it enjoys a thriving business community.  The Village supports over 600 businesses.  The Village is an active participant in the business community as a member of the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce.  And, it aids business development through a streamlined approvals process and through the provision of quality local services.

Large Industrial Rolls