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Proposed Bridge and Trail Project

The Village's Comprehensive Plan envisions a number of key amenities that will help bring our community together. One item is a plan for a better connected trail system, and a bridge to safely cross Route 59. The Village held a public forum on February 25 to get input from the community regarding its proposed bridge and trail alignments along the Route 59 corridor. Optional-Alignment_newsletter.gif During the forum, d
ozens of residents asked questions, and offered suggestions and input on the proposed bike and pedestrian plan and design options for the proposed bridge over Route 59.
The proposed improvements are part of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan and include a new trail connection at Irving Park Road and Madison Drive. This trail would connect to a pedestrian and bicycle path and bridge that would take travelers across Route 59 to the existing path system on the west side of Route 59. The plans call for a boardwalk-style path to minimize the impact on existing wetlands, moving toward a steel truss bridge that would safely carry bikers and walkers over, and permit traffic along, Route 59.  Different options, alignments and designs were suggested.

Key questions asked included, how is the project to be funded, what safety measures are proposed, will natural habitats be preserved, and when is it anticipated to be completed? The Village has secured grants for portions of the project already and intend to seek additional grant funding; there is no anticipated impact on taxpayers for this project. Safety measures are being considered such as lighting, access for emergency vehicles, and communications. The Village will conduct assessments of the natural habitats and limit any impacts construction of the path and bridge will have. Finally, the consultants noted that this is the first steps for this project; permits, grant applications, and engineering designs is anticipated to take up to two-years.

We also took comments online through March 12. We thank all those who attended the forum, and the over 250 online respondents who took the time to review the plans and offer comments. Click here to read the final report.

As work continues on this project, we will hold additional opportunities for input. The next public meeting is anticipated to take place in fall, 2021.