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We are proud to have the dedicated assistance of over 70 volunteers serving on a wide range of Boards and Commissions. These volunteers assist us in providing programming and services to our community, which the Village relies on to guarantee the continued, efficient operation of government.

We welcome and encourage you to get involved! Take a moment to review the following list of Commissions, their goals and projects. Then, simply download and return the Commission Application to Village Hall. Join us, and your neighbors, as we work together to maintain the high quality of life we all enjoy in the Village of Streamwood!

Click here to view this document in PDF format.Commission Application

Blood Commission

The Blood Commission operates a blood donor program.  They encourage citizens to give donations of blood for medical purposes.

Meets five times a year at Village Hall.

Members:  Dawn Leardi, Chairman
Kathleen Katy Dolan-Baumer, Leia Chapas, Rosa Acosta, Eileenmary King, Christy Groves, Marilyn Pettersen
Alternate Members:  Meena Kadakia and Dick Hoppel

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Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission makes rules for employee examinations, appointments and removals in accordance with the Civil Service Act.  The purpose of the group is to promote fair and equal treatment and opportunity under the law.

Meets on an as-needed basis at Village Hall.

Members: Alexander Bafia, Julie DePirro and Brandie Riegle

Community and Economic Development Commission

The Community and Economic Development Commission helps the Village by monitoring its plans for the attraction, retention, maintenance, and revitalization of economic and community growth.

Meets on an as-needed basis at Village Hall.

Chairman: Kosta Giannopoulos
Members:  Sandy Stewart, Rick Heidner, Ann Chan, Dr. David Sam, Desi Karafizieva, Steve Muenz, Andy Nolan and Ron Weglarz
Alternate Members:  Kosta Apostolopoulos, Natalie Pawluk and John Wiley

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Community Relations Commission

The Community Relations Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Trustees on programs to improve human relations in the Village, while recognizing, valuing and respecting the diverse cultures in our community.

Meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00pm at the Police Department.

Chairman:  Adelita Zeier
Members: Teresa Chow Hauser, Aris Garcia, Daniela Kowalska-Wudyka, Patricia Hogan, Tom Kuttenberg, Patrick Liapes, Ashley Rothenberg and Trisha Shrode

Firemen's Pension Board

The Firemen's Pension Board manages, invests and controls the Fire Pension Fund and all related funds, as set forth under State Statutes.

Meets four times a year at the Police Department.

Members:  Bill Burke, Chris Clark, Joe Enzbigilis, Marv Kramer and Jay Smiley

Liquor Commission

The Liquor Commission assists the Local Liquor Control Commissioner in the administration of the Dram Shop Act, Chapter 43 of the Illinois Revised Statutes and of such Village ordinances and resolutions relating to alcoholic liquor as may be needed.

Meets on an as-needed basis at Village Hall.


Member: Cheryl Dahl-Kearney, Chairman

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Natural Resource Conservancy Commission

The Natural Resource Conservancy Commission recommends strategies for the conservation and protection of our natural resources. Persons serving on the Commission must possess training, interest or experience in such areas as ecology, biology, education and or similarly related fields.

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month, four times per year, at 7:00pm at Village Hall.

Members:  Judy Feldhausen, Leanne McRill, Paul Adeyemo, Dave Adamczyk and Kevin Wills
Alternate Members: Erin Hokanson and Matt Hokanson

Planning and Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board recommends to the Village Board drafts and reviews of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, all plans and developments as outlined in the Subdivision Control Ordinance, Zoning Code, Village Code and State Statutes and hears requests for variations, special use permits and other changes to the Zoning Code.

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at Village Hall.

Members: Sandy Stewart, Chairman
Alan Burnham, Eric Okunevich, Jim Stock, Lukasz Stykowski, Jim Truesdell and Jim Wojcik
Alternate Members:  Peter Murphy, Harshad Shah and Tarang Gandhi

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Board of Fire and Police Commissioners

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners makes appointments to the Police and Fire Departments.  They conduct entrance and promotional examinations to ensure fair and equal treatment under the law.

Meets the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:00pm at Village Hall

Members:  Bill Berquist, Maria Cordoba and Mark Walter

Police Pension Board

The Police Pension Board manages, invests and controls the Police Pension Fund and all related funds, as set forth under State Statutes.

Meets four times a year at Police Department.

Members:  Ronald Franczak, Kevin Soss, Vincent King and Peter Woolsey

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Summer Celebration Committee

Members:  Bill Berquist, Chairman
Cindy Babicz, Dianne Berquist, Mike Kuncewicz, Robin Lingle, Steve Muenz, Sandy Stewart and Billie Roth

Veterans Memorial Commission

Members of this Commission make recommendations to the Village Board on the presentation and enhancement of the Memorial, all events held at the Memorial and funding for its continued maintenance.

Meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at Village Hall.

Members:  Bill Lunsford, Chairman
James Nicklen, William Schmidt, Kathryn Serbin, Charles Stricker, Steve Wilson and Richard Winterfeld
Alternate Member:  Lisa Poturalski

Please note: Commission appointments may require completion of an on-line Open Meetings Act training, within 90 days of appointment.  Some Commission members are required to submit annual Statements of Economic Interest.  For more information on these requirements, please contact the Village Clerk.

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