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Block Party
Business Licenses
Garage Sale Permit Information
Liquor Application
Pet Licenses
Special Use Application
Vehicle Registration
Water and Sewer Application (see below)
Zoning and Occupancy Compliance

Block Party

Click here to view this document in PDF format.Application for Block Party

The Village encourages residents to get to know one another by gathering for a Block Party. Block pary applications are availalbe at Village Hall or by selecting above. The form provides party planners with the necessary details (Fire and/or Police personnel visist, Pulblic Works barricades) needed before the date of the party. All block part applications must be filed withthe Clerk at least 14 days before the requested party date.

Business Licenses

Click here to view this document in PDF format.Application for Business License

Business licenses are required for the maintenance and operation of any business or establishment, including home-based businesses.  The license year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.  Applications may be picked up at Village Hall.

The first step for licensing your business is to apply for a Zoning and Occupancy Inspection with the Community Development Department.  After a satisfactory inspection, your business license can be issued.  A Liquor License can be issued only after Village Board approval and hearing with Liquor Commission.

Garage Sale Permit Information

Click here to view this document in PDF format.Garage Sale Application

Village of Streamwood's Ordinance requires that permits be obtained for residential garage sales. Permit cost is $1.00.  The ordinance requires compliance with the following:

  • Garage Sales may only operate between the 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • No more than two permits shall be issued for garage sales to any one applicant or any one address during any calendar year.
  • A garage sale may be conducted for a maximum of two consecutive days.
  • No sign shall be posted within the public right of way or any street or thoroughfare, or on any sign post or utility pole.
  • Signs are to be located on the premises conducting the sale or on other private property with that property owner's permission.
  • Signs are only to be displayed while the garage sale is actually taking place.
  • Any signs that are placed must be taken down within three (3) hours of the completion of the garage sale.
  • Block or neighborhood garage sales shall be coordinated by one (1) resident who shall provide a list with names, addresses, and phone numbers of all those participating in the sale.  Any additional participants not included under the original application are required to obtain their own Garage Sale Permit.

Note: Failure to comply with regulations of the Streamwood Municipal Code is subject to fines.

The Public Right of Way is described as the area from the sidewalk to the curb, anywhere in Streamwood.  Also as any street, street corner, all boulevards, all street sign posts, or light poles, etc.  It also includes vacant lots unless otherwise noted.  Note, it is also illegal to place a sign in a car parked in the right-of-way.  Such cars will be ticketed.

Liquor Application

There are separate forms for business and individuals involved.  There is a $300 non-refundable application fee.  Fingerprinting and background check are required.  Please allow 60-90 days for processing.  This can be done concurrently with Special Use Application process.

Pet License and Registration

Pet licenses are not required.  However, you may register your animal with the Village.  This makes it easier for the Police to contact you in the event your animal is lost.  To register, please submit a completed application, along with proof of rabies vaccination, to the Police Department.  There is no charge for the license.  Pet owners are responsible for "picking up" after their pets.  Leash law is enforced.

Special Use Application (Building Department)

Click here to view this document in PDF format.Special Use Application

Zoning Board of Appeals hearing required for liquor sales at any given address and/or change of ownership.  This is a 60-90 day process.  It requires publication, notification by business owner to surrounding property owners, ZBA hearing and Village Board approval.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle stickers are no longer required in the Village of Streamwood effective January 20, 2005.

Water and Sewer Service Application

No application is required unless you are renting property in the Village. Please contact the Water Department at (630) 736-3810 for information. A deposit is not required.

Zoning and Occupancy Compliance (Building Department)

Click here to view this document in PDF format.Zoning Compliance/Business Occupancy

The Building Department requires building and fire inspections prior to occupancy and opening for business.  This is done by appointment with business owner. 


If you have Building Department questions, please call John at (630) 736-3800 Ext: 3840.  If you have Licensing questions, please call Kittie at (630) 736-3800 Ext: 3806.