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Meter Modernization - Nicor Gas

Date of Event:

Within the next month, a small, two-way communication device will be installed on your existing natural gas meter at your home or business.  The device will collect natural gas usage information and securely send it to Nicor Gas.
  • If we can safely access the natural gas meter, you do not need to be present for the installation.
  • Installations will be completed by our qualified contractor, Grid One Solutions, working on behalf of Nicor Gas.  Grid One Solutions employees will have appropriate identification.
  • The installation will take 10-15 minutes and there will be no interruption to your natural gas service.
  • Please ensure there is nothing blocking safe access to the meter, such as locked gates or doors, dogs or any other obstruction.
  • If you have an indoor meter or have to be present when a meter reader or other Nicor Gas employee accesses your meter, you will need to be present to allow the installer to access your meter.  You will be contacted to set up an appointment at your convenience.
If you need special assistance or have questions regarding the installation process, please call Grid One Solutions at (855) 333-4347.