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QuestionCan I stop solicitors from coming to my door?
AnswerNot really, but you can discourage them. Commercial solicitors are required to register with the Village. They must obtain a Village-issued photo ID badge, and are instructed not to approach a residence displaying a "No Solicitors" decal. These free decals are available at the Village Clerk's Office. Please report violations to the Police Department by calling 911.

QuestionHow can I dispose of reusable household goods, clothing, etc.?
AnswerGoodwill Industries has a drop-off for donations of clothing and household goods.  The closest Goodwill store is located at 1420 South Rt. 59 (just north of Schick Road) in Bartlett –Tel: (630) 837-1410. This site may also accept computer peripherals.

QuestionWhat do I have to do to have a garage sale?
AnswerObtain a garage sale permit before the sale is conducted. There is a $1.00 charge for the permit. You can print a permit online. Please note that only two garage sales, per year, are permitted for each address. Garage sales are permitted between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

QuestionWhere can I put my garage sale signs?
AnswerYou may place signs on your property during the garage sale. You may also place it on a neighbor’s property, if you have the owner's permission. However, no signs are allowed in the public rights-of-way (medians, parkways by street, on utility poles or traffic signs, etc.) or on fences.

Community Development

QuestionHow do I obtain a building permit?
AnswerComplete a permit application and submit it, with any required attachments, to the Community Development Department. Applications are available online. Some permits may be obtained the same day, however many require a site check inspection. In those cases, permits can generally be issued within 36-48 hours. Permits that require a building plan review may take 15 business days to process. There is no fee to submit a permit application. Fees are only assessed after the permit has been approved.

QuestionCan I pay by credit card?
AnswerWe accept cash, credit, debit and personal checks.

QuestionDo you have the rules and regulations for specific projects?
AnswerThe most widely requested project guidelines are available on-line. These include decks, siding, roofs, driveways, and pools. We have a complete set of project guidelines for almost any job in the Community Development Department.

QuestionWhere are you located and how long are you open?
AnswerThe Community Development Department is in the Village Hall (301 E Irving Park Road). The Department is open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. During Daylights Savings Hours (March 13 - November 6), the Department is open until 7:00 pm on Thursdays.

QuestionWhat is your fax number?
AnswerThe Department fax number is (630) 837-5690.  We will accept contractor licensing information by fax transmittal.


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QuestionHow do I sign up for Water and Sewer service?
AnswerAs a residential property owner, you will automatically be billed for water and sewer services, based on consumption.  Tenant and Commercial applications for water and sewer service can be printed selecting one of the following:  (Application for Commercial Water and Sewer) or (Application for Residential Water and Sewer), or you can obtain an application from  the Cashiers’ Counter in the Village Hall.  Completed applications can be turned in personally, via mail or the dropbox located in the Village Hall parking lot.  The dropbox is available 24 hours a day.

QuestionHow often is the Water and Sewer bill due?
AnswerBills are mailed out and due monthly.

QuestionHow do I sign up for garbage service?
AnswerThe Village's contracted provider for all curbside residential services is Groot Industries.  Please contact Groot at (847) 429-7370.

QuestionWho should I call if I have questions or concerns regarding my garbage service?
AnswerCall Groot at (847) 429-7370.

QuestionWhen selling my home, what information do I need to purchase a Transfer Stamp?
AnswerIf you are selling your home, before you or your representative come into Village Hall to purchase your stamp, please call the Finance Department at (630) 736-3810, to make arrangements for your final Water and Sewer bill.  At this time, we will verify that you have no outstanding obligations due to the Village.  For standard sales transactions, we require a copy of the State of Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration and completion of the Village’s Real Estate Transfer Tax Form.  Exempt transactions may require further documentation.  Please call the Finance Department at (630) 736-3810 with any questions.


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QuestionWhat should I do if my carbon monoxide detector goes off or beeps?
AnswerCall us right away.  Use 911!  Even if you may not think there is a problem, carbon monoxide can be serious. Do not call our non-emergency lines.  We may not be in the station all the time to help you.  Our dispatch center is always staffed and can help you right away. Don’t worry about tying up an operator.  We can prioritize calls to be sure everyone gets helped.  Once you've called us, please leave the house.

QuestionWhat if my smoke detector makes a beeping noise?
AnswerUsually, this means the sensor has a low battery.  If you need help or are unsure about this, call 911.  We will send someone over to help you. Remember to change the batteries on your smoke detector twice a year.

QuestionWhat should I do if the power goes off at home?
AnswerEach year during bad weather, we get thousands of calls asking about the status of power outages.  As you may imagine, this type of situation can put a strain on our operation center.  Your best information is usually obtained directly from Commonwealth Edison at 1-800-EDISON-1.  If lines fall down, do not go near them, call 911 and we will get someone to check for hazards.  If someone in your home depends on their power to operate a life support machine, call 911 and we will come to assist that person.

QuestionAre outside fires or burning allowed in Streamwood?
AnswerThe Village prohibits the burning of leaves, yard waste and trash outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces, with a lid and/or a spark arrester are allowed for recreational purposes only. Fireplace logs are the only wood that is allowed to be used. For more information, please download our handout.

QuestionWhat should I do if the power goes off at home?
AnswerContact Commonwealth Edison at 1-800-EDISON-1. If you see downed lines, or if someone in your home depends on power to operate a life support machine, call 911.

QuestionWhat should I do if I hear the storm siren?
AnswerIf you hear the sirens on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am, you can usually ignore the sirens. All other times, take immediate cover! Do not call 911! Utilize the Emergency Broadcast System on your local TV or radio station. This will provide the most up to date information about the threat and let you know when the threat has passed. For more information on warning sirens, read about our Emergency Warning System.

QuestionWhy does a fire engine respond if I call for an ambulance?
AnswerThe Department's front line fire engines and ladder trucks are Advanced Life Support (ALS) licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health, allowing the licensed paramedics on these vehicles to start initiating care if they should arrive before the ambulance.


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QuestionHow are Village jobs filled?
AnswerMost Village positions are filled through a competitive testing process.  Police Officer and Firefighter/Paramedic positions are filled through a Board of Fire and Police Commissioners testing process.  Most other positions are filled through a Civil Service Commission testing process.  The Commissions test, interview and create eligible lists for each position.  Vacant positions are filled from these eligible lists for two year time periods.

QuestionHow are Village testing opportunities advertised?
AnswerTesting opportunities are advertised in the "Help Wanted" sections of the Streamwood Examiner and the Sunday Daily Herald.  They are also listed on the Government Access Channel on Streamwood Cable Television (Channels 23 and 49 on WideOpenWest Cable and Channel 17 on Comcast Cable).  You can also learn more about Job Announcements in the Human Resources section of our website.

QuestionWhere can I get a Village job application form?
AnswerVillage application forms are available at the Cashiers counter in the Village Hall.  They are also available to print from our website by going to the Forms and Applications page.

QuestionWhere should I return the application form?
AnswerVillage application forms should be returned to the Cashiers counter in the Village Hall.

QuestionWho should I call if I have a question concerning a job announcement, job application, scheduled test or any other related matter?
AnswerContact Human Resources Coordinator Karen Gray at (630) 736-3804.


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QuestionDoes the Village of Streamwood allow overnight parking on the street?
AnswerThe Village of Streamwood has a Village Ordinance that prohibits parking on any Village street, for any vehicles, between the hours of 1:00 am and 5:00 am.  The Village has a program in place to allow for exceptions such as out-of-town visitors or unforeseen circumstances.  Each household is allowed to obtain five (5) 3-night parking permits, in a calendar year, for situations where a vehicle cannot be parked in the driveway of the home.  The permits are free of charge.  To obtain a permit, the homeowner must come into the Police Station with identification proving he/she lives at the requested address.  Only the homeowner, not the visitor, may obtain the permit.

QuestionWhy can't I block the sidewalk, if I can't park overnight on the street?
AnswerVillage Ordinances prohibit parking over the sidewalk to ensure safe pedestrian and bicycle access.  This is especially important during the school year and summer hours when small children are present. During the hours when street parking is prohibited, blocking the sidewalk is allowed.  However, from March 1-November 30, you cannot park across the sidewalk from 7:00 am-9:00 pm (Monday-Friday), or 9:00 am-9:00 pm on the weekends.  During the winter (December 1-February 28), cars cannot block the sidewalk from 7:00 am-6:00 pm (Monday-Friday), or 9:00 am-6:00 pm on the weekends.  In the case of major snow storms, when street parking is prohibited because of snow fall, cars may also be parked over the sidewalk.

QuestionHow can I contest a parking ticket?
AnswerBring the parking ticket to our front desk.  Ask the desk clerk for a Request for Review of Citation form.  When completed, this form will be reviewed by a committee and a decision will be made as to the validity of your complaint. You will be notified of the decision by mail. The cost of the ticket will not increase while your complaint is being reviewed.

QuestionWhere do I pay a parking ticket?
AnswerThe Streamwood Village Hall.  You can pay inside during normal work hours at the main window or you can drop off your payment in the envelope provided in the white dropbox located behind Village Hall.

QuestionI have been receiving harassing telephone calls, what can I do?
AnswerDial 911 and an Officer will come by and fill out a report and give you the information you will need to contact the phone company.

QuestionWas my dog picked up by the Police?
AnswerPlease call the Police Department main number (630) 736-3700, and they will tell you if your dog was picked up and how to retrieve your dog.

QuestionHow can I get a copy of an incident or accident report?
AnswerContact our Records Division at (630) 736-3700.  In most cases you will need to file a freedom of information request form.  There is a nominal fee for copies of reports.  You can print a copy of the Request for Records form from our Forms and Applications page.

QuestionI need to be finger printed for a job application or a professional license, will the police department do this?
AnswerYes.  Please come to the Police Department Main Desk and explain what you need.  Please bring the print card you were given with you because we might not have the right one on hand.

QuestionI received a telephone call from a person soliciting money for the Streamwood Police Department.  Is it legitimate?
AnswerThe call is not legitimate; it was not from the Streamwood Police Department.  The Streamwood Police Department does not conduct telephone solicitation campaigns and does not authorize any other organization to solicit funds.

QuestionI'm going on vacation.  Will the police watch my house?
AnswerYes.  If you are a resident of Streamwood, all you have to do is come into our station and fill out a "Security Check Report".  The information will be given to the patrol officers that patrol your neighborhood.  Be prepared to list who will have your keys (if anyone) and who to contact in the event of an emergency.

QuestionDon't the police have better things to do rather than writing tickets?
AnswerTraffic enforcement is a very important part of the law enforcement function.  There is a direct correlation between the number of traffic tickets issued and the number of traffic accidents that occur.  And it is not just the property damage loss we are concerned about.  We know that by enforcing Illinois traffic laws we are preventing injury and loss of life.  After all, if we did not write tickets, who would?

QuestionI have to go to court. Where is it?
AnswerAll misdemeanor, felony or traffic court hearings are held at the 3rd District Court in Rolling Meadows.  You can find a map to the courthouse in the Court Hearings page in Police Department’s Field Services section of our website.

QuestionWhat do I do if I am in an accident?
AnswerIt depends on what kind of traffic accident you’ve been involved in.  For more specific instructions, look in the Traffic Safety page in the Police Department’s Field Services section of our website.

QuestionHow do I apply for a position with the Streamwood Police Department?
AnswerIf you are interested in becoming a police officer, contact Human Resources Coordinator Karen Gray at (630) 736-3804 or fill out an interest form on-line. If you're interested in a civilian position, you would also contact Human Resources Coordinator Karen Gray at (630) 736-3804.


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QuestionDo I need to fill out an application for water service?
AnswerResidential property owners are automatically billed for water and sewer, based on consumption.  Residential tenants and commercial owners and tenants need to turn in a written application.  You can print an application from the Forms and Applications page in our website.

QuestionDo I have to pay a water deposit?
AnswerYes, but only if you own a business or are a tenant within the Village.  Owners do not pay a deposit.

QuestionWhat do I do when I'm going to move?
AnswerIf you are moving, you must call (630) 736-3810 for a final reading.  If you are a tenant and your deposit has not been refunded, it will be applied against your final bill.

QuestionWhy is my tap water cloudy?
AnswerThis is caused by air in the water main and has no effect upon the quality of the water.  The water is tested on a weekly basis by certified water plant operators and meets all the E.P.A. standards for water quality.

QuestionMy water meter is leaking.  What should I do?
AnswerThe Village is responsible for the water meter and the couplings on either side of it.  If you detect a leak in this area, call the Department at (630) 736-3850.  The Village is not responsible for the shut-off valve.  That is the homeowner's responsibility.  You should call a plumber to have it corrected as soon as possible.  A leaking water meter can result in higher water bills.

QuestionMy water bill seems high.  Could there be a leak?
AnswerThe Village will be happy to check for leaks at your residence at no cost to you.  Some common causes of high water bills are leaking faucets, toilets or hoses left dripping in the yard.

QuestionHow do I get a permit to water my new sod?
AnswerWatering permits must be obtained in person at 565 S. Bartlett Road at the Public Works facility.  This permit is free of charge.

QuestionWho do I contact in case of an emergency?
AnswerAll main breaks and leaking hydrants should be called into (630) 736-3850 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm and (630) 736-3700 after hours.

QuestionI forgot to put my branches out in time on Monday morning. What can I do?
AnswerPlease call us at 630.736.3850 and let us know your address. If possible, we maybe able to pick them up before your next scheduled pickup week.

QuestionDo I need a permit to remove a tree?
AnswerIn some cases a permit is required to remove a tree on private property. There is no charge for the permit and we will check the tree for you for free. Applications are available on-line. We strongly recommend using only a certified arborist for all tree work. Certified arborists are highly skilled and can diagnose any tree problem. Beware of uncertified people claiming your trees are diseased or in danger of falling.

QuestionHow much does it cost to replace my sanitary sewer service?
AnswerThe costs can very widely. If you need to replace your sanitary sewer service, we recommend getting several price quotes. Talk to neighbors who have had the work done for recommendations. The Community Development Department can also provide a list of licensed contractors. Please note that a permit is required.

QuestionCan I fill my pool using the fire hydrant?
AnswerNo. We do not allow unmetered access to our hydrants. We also do not allow contractors to fill tankers in neighborhoods. If you see anyone loading a tanker with water, please call us or the police.

Can the Village change the shut off valves by my water meterQuestion?
AnswerNo. The entire water service belongs to the homeowner. This includes the service line, b-box, and valves. However, you can schedule an appointment during regular service hours to turn off the water at no charge by calling (630) 736-3810.

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