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The Streamwood Fire Department provides a broad range of services to the community.  An impressive fire suppression services division boasts an ISO 2 rating.  Emergency Medical Services and specialized fire rescue services are also available.

Emergency Medical Services

Fire TruckEach year, the Department responds to over 3,900 emergency requests.  The largest percentage of calls is for medical assistance.  The Fire Department provides ALS (Advanced Life Support) paramedic ambulance service from each of its three fire station locations.

Patients are transported to one of four local area hospitals.  These include:

In addition, all fire engines are equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment.  All of the fire department duty personnel are certified paramedics in addition to their roles as firefighters.

Fire Suppression

The Village enjoys a highly trained Fire Department. In 2017, the Fire Department achieved a class 2 rating from ISO, the Insurance Services Organization.  This impressive score reflects the ability of the Department to protect all of its residential, commercial, and industrial occupancies from the hazards of fire.  This rating is given after careful consideration and evaluation of the resources within the Fire Department.  The staffing levels, equipment and station locations along with fire safety plans were used to determine this favorable rating.

Rescue and Specialized Services

Firefighters perfect their skills during training.As part of their resources, the Department maintains specialized teams capable of providing emergency assistance in unusual situations.  Because of an increasing number of situations, a Hazardous Materials team was organized inside the Department in 1988.  Highly trained specialists comprise this group, which is capable of supporting emergency operations in many situations that involve hazardous or toxic substances.  The Haz-Mat team consists of 12 members and the most up-to-date equipment, including a hazardous materials squad.  In 1998, a Specialized Rescue and Confined Space Team was formed to provide additional capabilities in challenging rescue situations.  Presently, the Department has 12 specially trained members that provide support in technical rescue incidents in Streamwood and neighboring communities.  The Fire Department also supports a 12-member fire investigations team to investigate all fire incidents within Streamwood.  The Department supports a six person water rescue team which provides specialized water rescue operations to Streamwood and neighboring communities.