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The Streamwood Police Department is urging residents to secure their homes and garages before going to bed at night.  The Police Department has received a number of reports concerning unlawful entry to homes and garages during nighttime hours.  Offenders are entering via unlocked patio doors or garage service doors and once inside, are removing purses, wallets and small electronics that have been left in highly visible locations.

Streamwood police are requesting that residents take extra precautions to insure all exterior doors and windows are locked before going to bed.  In addition, wallets, purses and other valuable items such as small electronics should be stored in a location that is not visible from any window or doorway. 

Should you have any questions, concerns or information related to this CRIME ALERT please contact the Police Department Investigations Unit at (630) 736-3700.  Information may also be left anonymously via the Crime Tip Hotline at (630) 736-3719.