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The safety and protection of Streamwood residents is enhanced with a number of community warning systems.  These systems let you know about weather-related or other emergency situations.

The Village of Streamwood operates the outdoor emergency warning system.  It is designed to give the residents advanced warning in case of an imminent threat to the community due to attack or severe weather.  Most of us are familiar with the sustained blare of this warning siren, as it is tested on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 am.  If you hear these sirens, take cover immediately and utilize the Emergency Broadcast System on your local TV or radio station.  This will provide the most up to date information about the threat and let you know when the threat has passed.  Please note that the National Weather Service, and not the Village, will give an “all clear” notification.

Another community warning system was instituted by the Streamwood Park District for lightning prediction.  The lightning prediction system is activated when weather conditions are most likely to produce lightning strikes.  These sirens have a distinctly different tone than the outdoor emergency system.  When activated, the siren will give three, 15-second horn blasts.  If you hear these sirens, you are encouraged to go indoors until an “all-clear" siren is activated, which is a series of three, 5-second blasts.   This system has been installed at Park Place, Hoosier Grove, Sunny Hill and Rahlf's Woods.  The Park District tests the system every other Tuesday.

For more information on the outdoor emergency warning system, call the Police Department at (630) 736-3700.  For more information on the lightning prediction system, call the Park District at (630) 372-PARK.