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First Departmental Patch

Our first shoulder patch one was only used for a few short years when the Department was first formed in 1957. The patch was a very simple, generic patch, which simply identified the Department.

The Department's first patch.

Original Logo Patch

The Department's second patch was introduced in the early 1960's when the Village adopted a logo.  The logo, and resultant patch, was a descriptive picture intended to incorporate the name of the Village: treed woods along a stream.

The Department's second patch.

Illinois Eagle Patch

The logo patch was replaced in the late 1960’s with the Illinois Eagle patch.  This patch incorporated the State of Illinois eagle, and served our Department for roughly 30 years.

The Department's third patch.

Current Patch

In the mid-1990's, our current patch was designed by members of the Police Department.  It incorporates all of the prior patches into one modern day shoulder patch. This patch is proudly displayed on our entire fleet of marked patrol cars and inside and around our police facility.
The Department's current patch.