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Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) is a police mutual aid system operating in Northeastern Illinois.

In recognition of the fact that natural occurrences, or man-made occurrences, may result in situations which are beyond the ability of an individual community to deal with effectively (in terms of manpower and equipment resources on hand at a given time) each community needs to assist its neighbor communities.  By neighboring communities assigning some of its manpower and equipment resources to the effected community, as resources and situations allow, the Police Department of each community is better able to safeguard the lives, persons, and property of all citizens.

The purpose of NIPAS is:

  • to provide immediate extra police manpower and equipment at the scene of police emergencies.
  • to provide for an automatic and systematic response of police manpower teams. 
  • to provide for contractual responsibilities and liabilities. 
  • to provide broad area coverage. 
  • to foster a cooperative spirit for police emergency planning. 
  • to provide access to specialized manpower and equipment which no one department could afford to maintain.

NIPAS has two separate responding teams that are made up of officers from all the departments enrolled in the program.  The Emergency Service Team (EST), which was created in the fall of 1987, is a full service tactical team able to handle high-risk incidents.  In the spring of 1994, the Mobile Field Force (MFF) was created to maximize the effectiveness of initial response efforts by police when a major civil disturbance occurs.  At this time, the Streamwood Police Department currently has two officers assigned to the EST and one officer assigned to the MFF.