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C.A.R.E. (Citizen Assisted Radar Enforcement)

Through the use of citizen volunteers, this program is designed to expand the current level of traffic enforcement activities without having an adverse impact on existing patrol related functions.  The program was designed to monitor and regulate traffic flow within the village.  In order to supplement regular police radar enforcement activity, hand held radar units are made available to volunteer members of the public.  These volunteer members are responsible for conducting traffic radar details in their neighborhood and then report the observed violators to the Police Department.  The Police Department then conducts a follow up investigation with the registered owner in form of a letter or enforcement if the situation dictates.

Operation ID

This program was designed to assist the police in locating the owner of found property/recovered stolen property and to discourage the activities of burglars and thieves.  By marking the property, owners have a better chance in deterring the chance of the property being taken and have a higher chance of having the property returned.  The department currently has four engravers available to the community to mark their property with either a drivers license number or a social security number.

Department Trading Cards

With community policing becoming more popular within many communities, interaction with the citizens has become a vital part of police work in the past several years.  One of most common contact the officers comes across while working on the streets is with the kids.  In an effort to get to know the kids of the community and to have them get to know the officers, we developed the trading card idea.  The front of the cards show the officer in his or her work environment, with the reverse side giving a brief profile of the officer and a short personal message.