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Thaw May Bring Flooding - Keep Inlets Clear

Release date: 2/11/2011

The recent snow storm put an awful lot of snow on the ground last week. For the upcoming week, the National Weather Service is predicting increasing temperatures.  While the warm-up is welcome, it may create more problems for homeowners and businesses.

As the temperatures start to rise, please keep an eye out on your street and ensure that the storm sewer inlets are clear.  Storm sewer inlets are the manholes with large openings allowing storm water run-off to drain away from your house and other property.  If these inlets become blocked, water can back up, flooding streets and causing property damage.  Please be sure that the inlets on your street are clear and can allow water to drain away.

The increased temperatures also expose water mains to significant stress.  If you see water "bubbling" in the parkway or by the curb, it probably indicates a water main break.  Please call the Public Works Department at (630) 736-3850 during normal business hours.  If you see a break outside our normal business hours, please call 911.  Crews are available 24 hours to address water main breaks.