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Recent Residential Burglaries

Release date: 12/1/2011

The Streamwood Police Department has received reports of two Residential Burglaries where the offenders are posing as utility workers.  One offender will come up to a house, trying to convince a resident that they are a utility worker and need the resident's help to check an electrical, water or similar issue.  Once the offender has the resident distracted, his accomplice enters the home and removes items of value from bedrooms and offices. 

The offenders are usually wearing clothing and/or head gear that would represent them as utility workers.  They will frequently use a phone or walkie-talkie during the burglary and speak or act as if speaking to another person with the company they are posing to work for.  The victims in our cases have been senior citizens.
The Streamwood Police Department is recommending that residents DO NOT allow unknown and unsolicited visitors into their homes. If at any time residents encounter a similar scenario, they should immediately call 911.