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Red Light Camera System Complete

Release date: 4/1/2016

In an effort to reduce vehicle collisions and make the Village of Streamwood safer, the final phase of red light cameras at the intersection of Route 59 and Route 19 will be operational on May 1, 2016.
The installation of red light traffic safety cameras have been placed northbound and eastbound at the intersection of Route 59 and Route 19 which completes the final phase of this project.  For the next thirty days, warning citations will be issued to violators caught driving through red lights.
The entire process, from installation to operation, has been funded by the fines that violators pay to the Village. The system captures violations, matches license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles records, issues citations and collects fines. All captured violations are reviewed and approved by Streamwood Police Supervisors before any citations are mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.