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The Village of Streamwood utilizes a K-9 Unit as an integral part of the Police Department's Support Services Team. The Village first established a K-9 Unit in 1996.

The K-9 Unit is comprised of an officer-handler and police service dog. Once a dog is selected for police patrol use, the dog and its handler undergo a rigorous training program before being certified for patrol work. Off duty, police service dogs live with their handlers, becoming an integral part of those families. Contrary to popular belief, police service dogs are selected, in large part, based on their sociability, intelligence and courage. The obedience and desire to please their handlers are the foundation of a reliable police service dog.

The Village's current K-9 Unit is comprised of K-9 Scout and his handler Officer Collin Klein. Scout was born February 19, 2017.  He was born and raised in the Chicago area and he weighs roughly 70 lbs.  Scout is trained as a General Patrol Service Dog. This includes narcotics detection, tracking, article searches, area searches, building searches and handler protection. 

Scout is the fourth K-9 member of the Department.  Scout completed his certifications and training and was sworn into service in November, 2018.  The first K-9 Unit was Bismarck, handled by Officer Steve Lind, who served the Department from 1996-2002.  Our second K-9 Unit was Zarak, who served from 2002-2010, handled by Sergeant Alex VanDerLinden.  Our third K-9 was Ice, also handled by Sergeant VanDerLinden and served the Department from 2012 - 2018.