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The Special Operations Division consists of a Tactical Unit, Investigations, Youth Services, and School Liaisons.

Tactical Unit

The Tactical Unit is comprised of one Sergeant and four Patrol Officers.  The Unit was formed to achieve the goals and objectives of the Department and to provide flexibility in dealing with specific community problems.  This includes gangs and drug suppression, surveillance, and to assist patrol officers or investigators assigned to specific crime areas and critical events.  Tactical Officers work in uniform or plain clothes, and serve as a pro-active enforcement unit.


Police Officers assigned to the Investigations Division are responsible for follow-up work on all major cases or cases that require a great deal of attention.  The Investigator attempts to locate and interview witnesses, complainants and suspects thereby obtaining detailed information concerning the case and the identification / apprehension of the offender.  Investigation has a variety of services ranging from major crime investigation to juvenile investigation.  Other specialized services include follow up investigations of reported criminal activity, intelligence gathering, juvenile related criminal and non-criminal matters.

Youth Services

The Streamwood Police Department has a well-established School Liaison program.

The Streamwood Police Department realizes that incidents involving juvenile offenders require special handling.  As such the department has full-time juvenile officers to deal with the situation.  The juvenile officers, after investigating and reviewing the case, will determine the appropriate course of action.  This may range from a station adjustment to filing of petitions.

School Liaisons

The Streamwood Police Department has a well-established School Liaison program.  The Department has three officers assigned full-time as School Liaisons.  Officers are assigned to Tefft Middle School, Canton Middle School, and Streamwood High School.  The officers spend a great deal of time in the classroom talking to students on a wide range of topics.