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The Village is proud of its long history of protecting and preserving our natural resources. The Village has one of the most comprehensive tree preservation ordinances and one of the most stringent storm water management ordinances in northeastern Illinois. As a result, the Village is a steward of over 350 acres of open space, including natural wetlands, tree conservancies and trailways along Poplar Creek.
The Village offers a branch pickup service.
The Public Works Department serves as our management force to ensure all of these areas are properly maintained and preserved. And, we encourage our residents to be good environmental stewards as well. If you see debris in our wetlands, or garbage being dumped on village property - please report it immediately!

Branch Pickup

The Village offers a branch pickup service as a convenience to our residents. It is also part of our preservation strategy. Collecting the branches reduces yardwaste in landfills. And, the Village uses the chips collected as mulch. This saves money and the environment! Read more in our Branch Pickup page.

50/50 Parkway Tree Program

Streamwood's 50/50 Parkway Tree Program gives residents the opportunity to purchase a tree for their parkway at 50% of the cost - you pay 50% of the cost of the tree and the Village pays the other 50%.  For more information, please click here.

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive and destructive beetle that destroys ash trees.  In July 2010, the EAB was confirmed on the north side of Streamwood by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  Since that time, other EAB traps have yielded EAB in various parts of the Village.  The Department is removing street and median trees infested with the pest, and replanting new trees in their place.

The Village is working diligently to prepare and manage the damage these pests will have on street trees, public lands, as well as on private property.  Toward that end, the Public Works Department adopted an Emerald Ash Borer Readiness Plan.  The purpose of this plan is to educate the community about the hazards these insects create, minimize and control the spread of EAB, and monitor the impact this infestation has on our community. A copy of our EAB Readiness Plan is available in our Reference Desk section, or by clicking here.

Please help prevent the spread of this destructive beetle. If you suspect that an ash tree in your neighborhood has been infested by the Emerald Ash Borer, please call Public Works Department at (630) 736-3850.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

The Village offers curbside recycling in cooperation with Advanced Disposal.  For more information on our general recycling program, click here.  Our refuse company doesn't take hazardous materials, electronics or other used items.  Many of our local stores do take certain items, such as plastic bags, small electronics, ink cartridges, batteries, and paint.  To help residents recycle these and other items, click here for a list of recycling locations in and around the community, prepared by our Natural Resource Conservancy Commission.

Tree Care and Maintenance

Plants blocking the sidewalkBushes and trees may sometimes block the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians – especially schoolchildren – to walk on the parkway or in the street. If parkway tree branches are hanging over the sidewalk and interfering with pedestrians, or trees have been knocked down by cars or storms, please report the location to the Public Works Department at (630) 736-3850. Homeowners should also trim any private landscaping that blocks the sidewalk.  Please note that a permit is often required to remove a tree - even from private property. There is no charge for the permit, but we ask that you complete the permit application so we can check the tree prior to its removal. Click here for a Tree Removal Permit Application.

Tree Conservancies

Throughout the Village there are a number of large standing groves of trees, which are managed by the Public Works Department. These protected tree preservation areas were created when subdivisions were built in an effort to preserve old growth trees. No one may cut down the trees, remove the undergrowth or otherwise disturb these areas without the express permission of the Public Works Director. There are also a number of smaller areas within the community, sometimes on private property, which have similar tree protection status. If you have questions on tree conservancies, please call Public Works at (630) 736-3850.

Wetlands Protection and Conservation

Wetlands are key elements of the Village's storm water management system. Storm water run-off, from driveways, parking lots and rooftops, can be collected in wetlands before they are discharged into the waterways. Wetlands allow for the natural cleansing of this water, improving the water quality before it reaches our water supply. The Village also utilizes a new system for treating storm water runoff. It is an underground filter system tied to the wetland detention areas, which further removes oil, grease, nutrients, grit and floating objects.  Learn more in our Water Quality and Conservation section.